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Allow me to introduce Figment

Journey to the lands of Figment, where humans, pets, and mystical creatures live in harmony. In the magical lands of Fanterra, house pets not only swiftly evolve, but grow to comprehend their brave new world; ushering in a land that yearns to be explored with secrets yet to uncover.

Human Avatar teaser
  • Human Avatars
  • Human Avatars

    In Figment, we love to see your inner-self shine. Create, dress and show off your one of a kind avatar with clothing for all shapes and sizes.

    Villiage map teaser
  • Unique Towns
  • Unique Towns

    The world of Figment is home to many different lands! Each town includes it's own interactive map that allows you to explore, buy, befriend or exile in whatever way you see fit.

    Pet Clothing
  • Pets
  • One of a Kind Pets

    No two custom pets in Figment are the same. Each pet is created specifically for it's owner - which makes each one exclusive! Adorn your pet with accessories and treat them like the gem they are.

    Dog Teaser
  • Vistas
  • Pet Vistas

    Allow your custom pet to travel to a familiar (or unfamiliar) land with amazing, hand painted vistas.

    Crafting Teaser
  • Crafting
  • Crafting

    Perfect your own personal professions and craft useful items that you can use, sell, trade, or toss.

    Critter Teaser
  • Critters
  • Critters

    Explore each world to find hybrid critters that litter the landscape. Can you collect them all?

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