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Figment Terms of Service

Please read before playing


Before creating a Figment account, please read the following rules to know what behavior is appropriate on-site. By creating and verifying your account you are responsible for your own actions, meaning that you are held by the same standards whether you read our terms of service or not. Failure to follow these rules will result in administrative action, up to and including: warnings, suspensions, or termination of your account.


Figment is rated PG-16. If you are 16 years or older, you may freely sign up for an account at any time. Younger players may only join with written consent from a parent or guardian, the required permission slip is included here for easier access. (Permission slip coming soon.)

Only one account is allowed per user. For your own safety, account-sharing is not permitted. Please do not share your password with other users, even if they promise free items or services in exchange. If you lose your account in this manner, staff will not assist you in getting it back. This also applies to households where two or more people have an account on Figment.

In the case of ‘moving accounts’, or creating a new one and funneling your current pets, currency, and items into it, please open a support ticket to let staff know between which two accounts you’re moving to and why, and we’ll assist you in anyway we can. Please note that the first account will be frozen and inaccessible in the future.

Account & Pet Names

Must be appropriate and respectful. Any names containing offensive or inappropriate language will be purged and renamed at the staff’s discretion. if you have to stop and ask yourself ‘is this inappropriate?’, then it probably is.


Respect everyone on Figment. This includes other players, staff, and yourself. All manner of harassment, no matter how minor it may be, is unacceptable and will be punishable by staff. This includes behaviors such as name calling, stalking, and passive aggression. Users are not to be singled out or harassed based on their religion, orientation, or identity.

While profanity is allowed, we ask you use it sparingly and tastefully. Do not use profanity to describe other players or staff. Do not fill an entire post, pet page, or other descriptive, free-writing area with only profanity.

For your safety, never share personally identifiable information. This includes your full name, home address, selfies, or contact information outside of your discord account.

Do not ‘mini-mod’, or otherwise attempt to speak for staff.

All rules listed here are the same rules you are expected to follow on Figment’s official discord server.

If and when Figment opens its doors for new talent, please note that we will only be hiring those that can prove that they are 18+.


On-site trading of pets, critters, items, and currency is both permitted and encouraged.

The trading of pets, critters, items, and currency for art, writing, or other ‘real life’ items is also permitted, although you do so by your own discretion. If a player fails to uphold their end of the bargain, please report them, and appropriate action will be taken.

Selling art, writing, or other real life items for real life currency is permitted, but must be site-relevant. Do not try to sell your raggy old socks for a buck. This, too, is at your own discretion, and beyond reporting and banning scammer accounts, we cannot offer refunds.

When it comes to selling real life items, it is not permitted to disclose your address or other personal information on-site. Figment is not responsible for any consequences that may arise if such information is shared, be it related to the website, its staff, or otherwise. Again, disclosing of personal information is actively discouraged and will be purged/erased/modified by a moderator if found anywhere on-site.

Cross-site trading (AKA a trade made containing both Figment items and another websites') is allowed, be it pets, items, accessories and others, much like regular trading. However Figment cannot be held responsible for any deals gone awry within other websites, as we cannot moderate websites that are not our own. We will do what's possible in the scope of Figment as a single website, and situations will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Unless stated otherwise, we cannot generate or re-generate stolen or otherwise lost items, pets etc. in order to keep the economy flowing smoothly. Still, one's account can and will be frozen depending on the gravity of the situation, as well as other consequences such as: freezing single or multiple items, pets, website currency and others.

In the case of a user being malicious during a trade, proof of such transgressions must be provided in order for action to be taken. If the messages were made on-site, it's still best to provide moderators with proof such as screenshots or links. Please do not tamper with evidence: we would rather screenshots be of your fullscreen, without it being edited, even if it's multiple images. We do understand that it's much prettier that the screenshots be stitched neatly one onto the other, and we will not discard that evidence if it's edited like that, however we will be very cautious regarding evidence, and heavily edited images will be looked at with higher scrutiny.